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Event Tickets:


 We buy tickets on the MtgoStockTixBuyer account. You can enter trade with this account by searching for 'Mtgostock' in the classified board, or by adding it to your buddy list from the Mtgo game home screen. 


 Tickets are sold from the MtgoStockTix account. If you purchase tix on the site, please enter trade with this account to pick them up. Delivery is automated.


Selling Collections:

   You can view a lot of important data about your collection from the "Collection Value" tab. Inside the MTGO client, you can create a .csv file of your collection, then upload it here. You can see your card values, and we give you an 'Instant Offer' of cash for your collection.

   Or, for the fastest way to convert your collection to cash, you can visit the automated 'Cashbots' to drop off your cards.

   For a third choice, you can also place items for sale on the website. These items will be for sale for 7 days only. 


 Cash Bots: 

   Visit the chain of Cashbots inside the game client to instantly sell your cards for a cash Paypal payment. You will see your card values and your offer in your trade. If you need more than one trade, the items will accumulate. You can see your trades from the 'Cash Bots' button on the home page. And, you can also see your trades in the 'Trade History' tab.


Buying Cards:

 Any site purchases from a bot account will be automatically available for pickup from that bot account. Be sure to check which account you bought the items from, and then enter trade to pick your item up. The bot will instantly allow you to take it.


Automatic Pricing Update:

  All users who have cards for sale can opt-in for the automatic pricing update feature. This will continuously update your prices to market levels. This feature is found in the 'Account Settings' button, in the 'User settings' tab. We highly recommended using it if you want an easy way to keep your sale prices current.


Complete Sets / Redemption:

   You can buy or sell complete MTGO redemption sets for cash with the click of a button. For selling, enter your 'my cards' section. In either singles or auction, type in the name of the set you wish to sell, adjust your price, and hit 'update'.

For buying, just add to cart and checkout!



Event Tickets:

   MTGO tickets (tix) are easy to buy and sell on site. From your 'my cards' singles or auction page, type in 'Event Tickets' to add them to your store. To buy tickets, search for 'Event Tickets' at the top of the home page or click the direct link near the bottom of the page.


MTGO Store Setup:

   You will find all of your items are gathered in your own personal storefront. Click on any username to view their entire store on one page. This makes for convenient browsing of a single user's cards, which is a convenient way to trade.



Escrow Protection:

   Purchases are protected by an escrow system. When a buyer makes a purchase, money will be deposited into seller's escrow account. When trade is completed, the buyer must simply 'OK' the escrow release - and seller will have full access to funds. Escrow will automatically release ofter 7 days unless a dispute arises. This system allows users to trade with confidence!



   You may deposit to your balance to pay for cards. Deposits may be made with bitcoin or paypal (the paypal fee will be deducted from your deposit amount). Deposits may also be made by exchanging bot credits from our mtgostock bot accounts (Applegrove, Freerares, Tradervic, or any official Cardboom or Cardstock account). There is no fee for bot credit exchange. Bitcoin transactions have an extremely low fee.




     You may withdraw from your site balance for cash via paypal. You will be charged a paypal fee in this case. Or, you may exchange your balance for bot credit. No fee will be charged for bot credit exchange.


Account Upgrades:

    Initially, free accounts are limited to 500 listings and a $100 grand total value limit. Accounts may be upgraded to Verified status by completing the profile information and by making a deposit of any size. A verified account can list more items, and will have no limit on value of items.

   Accounts may also be upgraded to 'Upgrade' status for a significant increase in allowed listings for a small fee. The 'Premier Store' upgrade allows by far the largest amount of listings for a small monthly fee.




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