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Here is how to add your MTGO CSV file for selling and browsing on Mtgostock.com.

To save your CSV file of all your cards just follow these directions:

  1. Open your MTGO account and go to your card collection.
  2. Click the pull down menu called versions side and then make sure that "show versions separately" is checked.
  3. Click "reset all filters" on the left hand side and make sure that you do not have other binders with card in them.
  4. Left click any card in your collection and then press CTRL + A select all. Then right click and click "add all to binder".
  5. Next you can click "other products" and repeat this process to add the tickets, boosters, etc. to the current binder. Now right click the binder that has the cards in it and click export. Save the file as a CSV file to your desktop so that you can easily find it.
  6. Load the CSV file you just created by clicking the "Import.csv" button above.
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