Promotion! Selling MTGO Event Tickets $0.94

Dec 15, 2015|Leave a Comment

Hi All, We are currently running a promotional sale of Event Tickets at $0.94. Buy while supplies last!  

We Buy MTGO Cards Too!

May 06, 2015|Leave a Comment

Hi All, A quick reminder that we will buy your MTGO collection for cash if you want an instant sale. Here's how. Upload your .csv in the collection value page. You will find a link to this on the home page, or you can find it from your own personal inventory page (titled 'Quick Collection'). After uploading, you will find a formula generated instant offer. Send a quick message using the link right below the offer, and we will take care of the rest. Happy Trading ;)

Introducing Mtgostock

May 05, 2015|Leave a Comment

Hi All, I want to write this blog post to introduce the new features for trading MTGO cards. is a trading post for casual players who want to buy and sell MTGO cards, or just want some helpful information about the value of their collections. Some of the tools we built include: a powerful search and browsing system. We built a streamlined search engine for any card in the Mtgo database to get up to date market pricing information. We also built a very fast browsing system to find any other user's items for sale in the market place. Every user gets their own storefront read more

Redemption Sets Available

May 05, 2015|Leave a Comment

Hi All, Short announcement to let you all know complete sets (redemption sets) for DTK (Dragons of Tarkir) are available in the MTGO store now. We have great prices on complete sets, and if you are looking to sell one of your own, remember there are no trading fees on! Jeremy @Mtgostock

Important Site Update

May 04, 2015|Leave a Comment

Welcome Everyone, I want to make an announcement regarding an important site update. All users who have cards for sale can opt-in for the automatic pricing update feature. This will continuously update your prices to market levels. This feature is found in the 'Account Settings' button, in the 'User settings' tab. It highly recommended for users who want an easy way to keep their sale prices competitive. Happy trading! Jeremy @Mtgostock  


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